At Quantum – Thurston we want to add more fun and enjoyment to your sailing experience. Whether cruising or racing you will find the very best sails offered in our product line with every detail of the design and construction process executed to the highest standard.

At the Thurston loft you will be guided through a choice of materials, hardware, and design and you'll get a detailed on-board measurement to ensure a perfect fit. The right material, the ideal sail shape, quality, durability, and reliability…that's our promise to you.

Quantum is the first sail maker to offer a complete range of composite sails with membrane construction specifically for the cruising sailors. They are produced using the most technically advanced design, lamination, and shaping methods in the industry. This proprietary process, called iQ Technology, is the basis for the design and development of every cruising and racing sail we make, from dinghies to super yachts. Created by one of the finest sail design teams ever assembled, Quantum sails are validated on the water at the top competitive levels to ensure sail shapes that are fast, efficient, and repeatable….a feat no other sail maker can match. Winning isn't everything but it is a lot more fun!


  • Cruising Woven sails
  • Cruising Laminates
  • Cruising Membranes
  • Racing Membranes
  • Racing Laminates
  • One-Design Sails
  • Racing and Cruising Spinnakers
  • Multihull sails
  • Super Yachts
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