The Thurston loft has a long history of building fast and durable one-design sails for some of the oldest class builders in the country. High performance balanced with durability and reasonable cost have been our design criteria. Only the highest quality woven polyester fabrics are used with special attention paid to matching the fabric to the rig to ensure exceptional shape-holding. Thurston is also the largest builder of catboat sails in the country. Understanding the intricacies of a gaff rig makes our sails easier to trim and separates us from the competition. Our development of repeatable sail shapes adds to our list of proven winners.


  • Arey's Pond
  • Bulls'eye Club
  • Bulls'eye Racing
  • Mercury
  • Haven Class
  • Indian
  • Beetlecats
  • Dinghy Dhows
  • Dyer Dhows
  • Gemini
  • H 12 1/2
  • Marshall
  • Herreshoff S-Boat
  • Marlin
  • MK
  • Rhodes 18
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